Tucson by Night

An end to that night

and one major local player

I’m not feeling motivated to write a full-on narrative of the night, so the bullet points below will have to suffice.

  1. Dom was grievously injured by gunfire from Doc and Viktor, stuffed in a police car by Viktor, and then he tried to escape. Viktor killed one officer and then stuffed Dom into the SUV driven by Arnie.
  2. Doc & Wayne ended up in the shadow world, moving between representations of local landmarks, eventually finding Lyle and Thomas at Cobb’s. They informed the two of the mess the city had become, and the four hurried back to the real world.
  3. While followed by the police, Viktor diablarized Dom, and Arnie crashed through the zoo gates. The two kindred took off into the zoo, pursued on foot by a growing team of police. Arnie escaped over the south wall while Viktor changed shape and hid among the coyotes.
  4. Relying on his powers of Domination, Thomas sent the police away from the tower, and then away from Arnie. Doc, Wayne, Lyle, and Thomas were picked up by Gerald, and they all headed back to Cobb’s to debrief one another.

Six months later…

  • Viktor runs the former Ten’s, now called ‘Da,’ as a Russian mafia-themed strip club. Which is to say, there are some tacky nesting dolls here and there, some Soviet flags, and a few other symbols of Russian history and criminal culture, and lots of naked girls and vodka. Vic is an assistant director for security at the San Diego Convention Center.
  • Wayne moved into a small, but elegant, old house in the Sam Hughes neighborhood, where he conducts creepy rituals that attract a group of wanna-be academics and antiquarians. He and Thomas work regularly to better understand the portal in the tower.
  • Doc weaved himself into a night rotation at UMC as a visiting expert doctor. He spends a few nights each week there, sharing his medical knowledge and taking advantage of anyone with a limp.
  • Arnie concluded his business deal in town and headed home to California. Thomas found out about him giving information to Bruce, the mustachioed Toreador prince of San Fran, and now Arnie’s not welcome in town anymore.
  • Jasper ended up on the raw end of a meeting with Sam & Dean, after being tipped off anonymously to his whereabouts and activities. He woke up near Ajo in the middle of the desert.
  • Cedric was never caught by the hunters, and continues to sell his special flavors of ice cream around the city.
  • The MIBs found the tower, and are watching it. Their presence and activities are not known to the local kindred.
  • Mortimer, prince of Phoenix, is in a political battle with Thomas behind the scenes, and is trying to muster enough forces within the Camarilla to unseat the rogue prince and absorb Tucson into his sphere of control. 100 miles of wild desert between them and the continuing Sabbat threat from the south collude to stymie his plans.


Vik has more class than that… here’s a photo of “Decyat’s”


An end to that night

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