Tucson by Night

All over town, and into the El Con tower

and elsewhere

The police proved to be easier to handle than anticipated, and the Sabbat prisoners, while annoying, weren’t that tough to work over, either – at least the one they decided to revive. After extracting some information from him and leaving the other in Gerald’s care, they headed off to the supposed Sabbat safe house, which it seems was legitimate. Wayne gave himself a motorcycle and the team chased off a group of paid thugs, watching the house, and then decided to bed down for the day, collapsing on the couches of the Elysium lounge at Cobb’s.

The next night began with a quick shopping trip to get everyone up to the same standard of dress, and then off to a fraternity party looking for Jasper, whom they hoped would have information about the warehouse fire.

Indeed, he did – and after being pushed slightly with dope and his mind pushed around by the two Ventrue in the group, admitted to having started the fire for a measly $5000. He also confirmed, if my implication, the line the Sabbat had shared: that Dominic Rance was involved, in some way, in some dirty dealings. His sense was that Dom was working closely with the prince of Phoenix, and was looking to make a power play in Tucson. And so he took wired money and set the place on fire. It seemed that neither Lyle nor Thomas had any knowledge of it, and were missing, anyway.

The dope dealing DJ/drummer did have another piece of seemingly useful information: that of the local Nosferatu, Cedric, who probably had information of his own. And so off to 4th Avenue they went, looking for the sewer rat and his ice cream truck. Both were easy enough to find, and Cedric was forthcoming with information for trade. Through him they were able to confirm – at least to a comfortable point – the notion that Dom had been double-dealing, involving himself with both the Sabbat and Phoenix Ventrue, and that he and Thomas were not on the same page.
Following Wayne’s cosmic senses, the group drove around town for a few hours, trying to get find the source of the pulling feeling he was experiencing. They settled on the area around the El Con Mall, and once within visual range Wayne knew they were in the right place: it was the old tower, on the south side of Broadway across from the former mall.

Purchasing a set of bolt cutters from the much-protested but now open WalMart, they broke into a walled-in parking lot surrounding the base of the old tower, itself on a parcel of land sitting next to a quietly ritzy neighborhood. They found the door to the tower stuck, but unlocked, and forced their way in. It was just about 2am at this point, and once inside the empty lobby/ground floor, the first smelled smoke, then saw red eyes from across the room.

A lone figure stood from crouching against the wall and approached. Wearing a hodge podge of clothes, matching neither in color nor style, the partially burned man spoke.

“I figured someone would show up here eventually. Let’s get this town back on the right track, shall we?” he asked, his tone cocksure and smarmy.

“Who are you?” asked Viktor.

“I’m Dom, who else would I be?” he said with a lop-sided smile and no small measure of forced mirth.

Let’s try to play out this social interaction here. How I prep for the final session will depend in large part on how this goes, so I could use the help.


Wayne looks at Dom for a moment, looks up to the ceiling of the room, mutters somethings to himself, makes the sign of the Qabalistic Cross and says “Sure, I’m in!” He looks over at the Doc with a knowing wink and strides to the nearest door to go up to the next floor. “What’s up here?”


“I don’t know, but shouldn’t we get acquainted first?”

Everyone please post your current Willpower score.


Willpower of 4 on Wayne, unless he is in the form of Aleister then it is 3+1, and Jason which is 1+3.


Which are all….4. Are you nuts? :)


Meta: the short answer: YES, Wayne, Aleister, and Jason are all nuts.
Have I recovered any willpower yet? I asked a couple times last session, but gave up. If not, Doc’s willpower is 1.

Following Wayne’s comments, Doc volunteers, “Vell, you look nuts…Dom. Ve’ve come to da right place den, ja? I’m in. Vhere do ve start?”


Doc’s WPR is currently 4.


Arnie’s WP is currently 4.

“I’m afraid I’m not exactly sure what ‘back on track’ consists of for Tucson. I’m a bit unfamiliar with the workings here. If you aren’t too terribly crispy perhaps you could shed some light on all of this confusion.”


“I recognize you two,” Dom says as he raises his voice a bit so as to be heard from the center of the room and nodding at Wayne and Doc. “But you two are new – why don’t you introduce yourselves?”

Both Viktor and Arnie formally introduce themselves, as if to a city’s prince.

“So why are you in town?” Dom asks, looking directly at Arnie, who explains concisely and honestly why he’s in town. Dom seems interested in the idea of lots of money being pumped into the city.

“And you three?” Each of you explains why you’re in town, briefly and honestly.

Dom laughs a bit to himself, then refocuses his attention on Wayne. “Why do you want to go upstairs? Tell me.”

Stopping at the base of the stairs, Wayne turns to Dom. “I’ve seen a portal – something magic. It’s drawn me here…I want to see it.”

Dom’s expression flashes a look of surprise at the comment. “Give me your phone,” he beckons to Doc.


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