Wayne McIntyre

Malkavian of discerning taste


Psychological Record
Subject: Wayne McIntyre
Subject appears 25 years of age, but speaks in great detail as someone who is well beyond their years. While the subject explains he was born in 1900 to Irish Immigrant parents, and was raised in New York, his Father, a Police Officer, who rose to the rank of Detective, Ivan McIntyre. This seems to be the origin of Wayne’s obsession (of which there are many) of Investigation. He appears to have had a great love for his Father, and was devastated when the Patriarch of the McIntyre family was mysteriously killed during an investigation when Wayne was only 15. When found, Ivan had had his throat completely torn out, and all his blood drained from his body. As if this were not odd enough, he was found to be hanging upside down as if to drain all of the blood out.

Wayne explained that he took it in stride, but it clearly causes a change in his overall appearance when speaking of his Father. The aftermath was rapid for Wayne, while he was a bright pupil, and continued to do well in school, he also began to spend more time out on the streets late into the Evening. One can only speculate the horrors he saw wandering the streets, but he seemed to have developed a fascination with those creatures that walk at night. He explains that his research brought him to a warehouse on the waterfront that he watched for many weeks, he would climb onto the boxes and watch rituals being performed. Many dark incantations were performed (in his assessment), up to and including blood-ritual magic. Upon graduation from High School, Wayne explains that he approached the leader of the organization that met in the Warehouse on the Waterfront, one Jerry Vargas. He had been following Jerry for weeks, as his fascination from watching from the crate tops for so many years had grown into an obsession. He greeted Jerry with the verbal cue, and the appropriate handshake of the organization outside of the bakery that Jerry bought his morning coffee. Stunned, Jerry did not know what to say, but it seems the two struck a kind a relationship of tutoring, due to his apt recitation of so many of their rituals. With such a keen eye to detail, Wayne explains he had grown within the organization quickly and was being aided by a job at the bank Jerry worked at, which helped him finance college.

It seems that sometime during his nocturnal investigations he had come across a drug house, and had found the storage facility of some drug dealers. Curiosity had gotten the best of him, and his experimentation with illicit substances began in his late teens. These mind altering substances seemed to help him, in his mind, in bringing forth more magic in his rituals.

The organization that Jerry had brought him into, was none other than the Ordo Templi Orientis. As such, it was at the age of 20 that Wayne met the fascinating figure, one Aleister Crowley. It is difficult for Wayne to describe his time with Aleister as when he gets into detailed explanations, his normal voice changes to that of a British one. Wayne then truly believes he is the Beast 666. When asked to describe his life as Aleister Crowley, there are truly many more fragments, gaping holes that he explains away with the wave of a hand and says its the “tech” that must be effecting him.

When pressed too hard regarding these holes, and he begins to see the tears in the logic, he recedes into a catatonic state. When he does speak, he just speaks in a monotone voice, calling himself Jason Howard.

Once allowed to continue with his story as Wayne, he describes an experience that he doesn’t quite complete. He says that he had hit a dark patch in his early 20’s, and was beginning to seek out seedier parts of town to obtain his drugs. Holes in the wall, abandoned buildings, just to get a fix. He describes a series of strange affairs where he was followed by what he clearly thought was a shadow, but not that of his own. Other occasion, he could swear he was being stared at. He explains that one night, he had taken way too much heroin, and was in a truly euphoric state. The shadow returned, and he was never able to walk in the light of day again. When pressed, he takes on the personality of Jason, he is not forthcoming beyond that.

His memory is sketchy from this point forward, he describes scenes from Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Japan, and even Russia. He says he has continued a membership within this OTO, and has opened many chapters throughout the world.

This therapist will no go into detail of the abysmal sexual practices of Wayne McIntyre, especially in the form of one Aleister Crowley. But needless to say, he has experimented fully!

Wayne McIntyre is quite an interesting subject, albeit a great story teller. This therapist has diagnosed him with Multiple Personality Disorder, and prescribed limited shock therapy to manage the illusions he experiences.

Dr. Marie Varga

Wayne McIntyre

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