Dr. Maximillian Riechstaad

Ventrue Doctor of Medical and Occult Sciences


Dr. Riechstaad looks much like Max Von Sydow in a black leather trenchcoat. His dark gray hair is often disheveled and stares at peoples’ anatomy as if ‘perving’, but is actually envisioning their perfect self through surgery. He carries a fine set of surgical tools in a leather doctor’s bag- ready at a moments notice. Concealed within his coat are a matching set of engraved Luger pistols from the Fuhrer himself. The first reads, “Arbeit Macht Frei” and the other, "Was mich nicht umbringt macht mich stärker.”
His soft leather gloves have numbers on the cuffs.


Herr Riechstaad received his first doctorate in medicine from the University of Vienna at the age of 20 in the year 1895. His second, in Experimental Medical Sciences, followed 2 years later. Max was reprimanded for illegal surgical procedures and was barred from further schooling in Vienna.
He returned to Austria at the start of WWI, joined the army and was immediately sent to the medical tents near the front lines. Here he was in his element – surgery was beautiful, the human body was beautiful. He stood for long hours and actually saved many lives. He remained in the service and rose to the rank of Colonel before the onset of WWII. His passion for the medical sciences caught the attention of the ‘Little Corporal’ and soon they were discussing the possibilities of the Master Race.
Although disturbed at first by Hitler’s lack of feeling regarding human life, he soon set his own feelings aside that he might further the scientific knowledge of the human body. This justification eroded his Hippocratic Oath and his moral compass as well.
He was promoted to a special division of research and stationed at Auschwitz. Here he was outside the general ranking of the Nazi army and simply wore a black SS uniform and the insignia of a black skull with a silver scalpel through it. This insignia gave him access to anything and everything and he was answerable only to Himmler and Hitler.
It was at Auschwitz that he was visited by another Black Skull who offered him a chance to continue his studies indefinitely…he accepted and became a vampire at the age 64.
Since the war, many have searched for him. Israelis continue to this day, though they have seemed to lose interest of late thinking by now he is surely dead of old age.

Dr. Maximillian Riechstaad

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