Tucson by Night

Tucson? Strange place, I think...

The grizzled Nosferatu squated in the corner of the filthy bathroom, his forearms resting on his knees. Wearing a thoroughly soiled suit, he swayed from side to side slightly as he spoke.

“Strange place, I think. Something of an island. Prince…Ventrue. Strange guy….his own man. Tolerates a lot, according to his neighbor up north. Ventrue who don’t get along? ‘Round these parts? That’s strange…”

His raspy voice trailed off with the last word as he calmly reached into his jacket to retrieve a wriggling rat, into which he bit, slurping loudly for a moment as he drained it of blood.

“Yeah. Right. What else? Right. You have to get there in one night, or you won’t make it. San Diego straight through, I think. That’s best. If you go through Phoenix, you waste time, or maybe get caught there. They play Ventrue games up there. I’d skip it. Do it in one night, or the desert will claim you – no safe place out there. Show up at ”/wikis/places-of-interest" class=“wiki-page-link”> Cobb’s to present yourself. Prince doesn’t like folks who don’t make their presence and intentions clear."

FInished, he looked up at the others in the room and waited, expecting his payment.



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