Tucson by Night

Talking with Dominic

I’m going to use this post to handle the interaction with Dom in the base of the tower. Add your comments here, and pay attention to the Player Secrets sections – any time you get an update about this post, you might have a secret or two that’s just for you.

The empty tower lobby, musty and run-down, was about 40 feet square, with Dom standing roughly in the middle and Doc, Viktor, and Arnie near the doors. Wayne had moved to the right side of the room, near the stairs that were set into the western wall. It was almost completely dark, but for a few rays of moonlight and ambient streetlight that came in through some high windows that weren’t completely obscured by dirt and grime.


“Getting things back on track: what do I mean?” asks the crispy Ventrue.

“When you arrived in town, were you able to present yourselves? You’re looking to finalize a big deal – has anyone been here to do that? Or are you wasting your time?” he asks as he looks at Arnie.

“There are standards to be maintained; expectations,” he states, as if pointing these things out to neophytes. “Your time is valuable, and your safety, while here, is essential, and things aren’t what they ought to be. I’m going to fix that, and you ought to be on board with me – with the way things are headed in this town,” he finishes.

Talking with Dominic

Meta: Vik’s WP is currently 5

Viktor watched the interactions, the large Russian kept his eyes on the man " Who says I want city on your track?"

When asked who he is Viktor does NOT introduce himself as if addressing the prince. He simply nods his head “I am Viktor. That is all you need know.”

The large Russian does not like their situation, eyes looking around for possible exits, and possible ambushes, all while ready to act in a moments notice. Even if acting means playing with Dom’s ribcage.

“It is bad manners to do that.” he states as he glares at the wannabe prince.

Talking with Dominic

“Well, if we’re going to be traditionalists here, I’m the current prince’s deputy, by blood – you two know that,” Dom states, gesturing at Wayne and Doc as he does.

“And as you know, the prince is….gone? Missing? On vacation without a forwarding address? And we know the Sabbat are active here,” he continues.

“So I’m the one tellin’ you how it is,” he states with a smile. “Why’d you gents come here, anyway?” he asks, looking directly at Viktor.

Talking with Dominic

Viktor looked to Dom and growled a bit “Because it not Phoenix.” he stated bluntly, arms crossing over his chest.

Talking with Dominic

Nicely played.

Talking with Dominic

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