Tucson by Night

"Let's roll!"

The two men sat in their car for over two hours before entering the club, getting a few beers, playing some pool, casing the place, and then heading outside to watch some more. They’d not been able to get in through the VIP entrance, nor up to the VIP area once inside the club – it seemed that they weren’t cool enough.

And so they took a brisk walk around downtown, getting the lay of the land, and then returned to their car, where they waited.
Just before closing time a small group of people burst from the club’s doors, some falling into the streetcar construction area, some turning sharply and running one way or the other along the sidewalk. Something was up, that much was clear.

The two looked at each other and quickly exited the car and began walking quickly toward the club, which was now spewing what were obviously panicked people, some screaming. By the time they were crossing the street at from the leather shop they could see inside, a little, and the scene of bedlam that was unfolding.

“Go! Go!” shouted one as they both began to draw weapons and rushed forward. Before they could navigate the ruts and equipment of the construction that cut the street down the center, they were both knocked aside by a single female figure – a pretty hot one, too – that jumped with inhuman speed and strength out of the doors and into the street, before taking another hurried leap to the other side, and then taking off north along 6th Avenue. A few seconds later a wolf followed, leaping into the street, landing only feet from one of the men, but only barely noticing him.

The beast sniffed the air and looked side to side before leaping to its left and bolting westward down the sidewalk.

The two men gathered their wits and again began approaching the doors, which were now closed, the outside crowd dispersed. Police sirens followed as they stepped onto the sidewalk. The taller of the two turned to his partner and spoke.

“No way we get what we need with the cops on the way,” he stated, and then pointed down the sidewalk. “Maybe we can get a story out of some of them,” he motioned toward a group of people who’d slowed to a trot about a block east of the club.

“Shit” muttered the other as they both stowed their pistols and quickly crossed the street, seeking to close with some of the witnesses, and put as much distance between them and the club before the police arrived and locked the place down.



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