Tucson by Night

Keepin' a low profile...

The black car came to a halt as the driver cut the engine. Two men sat in the front seat, neither speaking nor looking at each other. Instead, their attention was fixed on a building down the street, situated at the corner of a block of storefronts, all limned by the orange rays of the setting sun.

Minutes passed as the sun finally set behind the mountains, themselves blocked by buildings. The men continued in silence, eating Jack in the Box from a large bag between them.

Finally, the driver snorted. “Place’ll open in a few. We should case it,” he stated in a growl.

“You think they’ll be there tonight?” the other man asked, his mouth full of burger.

“Gotta be,” the other responded, “Robbie’s never been wrong – not with this much evidence. They’ll be there, and we’ll track’m, and we’ll take’m out.”

“Mrphmth” the other agreed, taking another bite of burger.



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