Tucson by Night

It started out pretty calm...

...our Thursday night, that is

Viktor was the first to arrive at Cobb’s, and found the Elysium chamber empty, but for a human staff member, who seems anxious at the new kindred’s presence. Dr. Maximillian Riechstaad and Wayne McIntyre arrived next, and found the same peculiar state of affairs: a single unknown kindred, sitting in an empty room. The three had a little time to chat before before a fourth kindred arrived, in dressed in an fine suit and with an air that made it clear he was used to getting his way,

Getting down to business – that of figuring out where the local residents were – turned out to be a challenge, but one that was eventually solved with direct language and veiled threats of the use of vampiric powers on the humans and ghouls.

It’d been days since anyone had seen or heard from Lyle Spade, Thomas Reginald, or even Dominic Rance. Cobb’s was, after all, Spade’s place, and his absence – now in its fourth day – was of concern.

Reginald hadn’t been seen or heard from in days, either – and not returned his calls, which was extremely unlike him. In short, the leaders of the local kindred community seemed to be missing.

Taking charge of the situation by virtue of their own powers and desire to get to the bottom of things, the four new compatriots – drawn together by mutual concern – forced Gerald, Lyle’s chief of security, to take them to Ten’s, where Dom had his office. They also dispatched Bobby and Ronny to check on Lyle’s home, the location of which they promised to keep from knowing.

Ten’s presented a similar mystery: no Dom for several days. Using stronger powers of persuasion, the four convinced Vic, Dom’s goon at Ten’s, to check on his house – where was the local leader? Meanwhile the group rifled through his office and cracked open his safe, discovering financial ledgers of Dom’s local businesses and a set of coded accounts books, keeping track of some purchase of items, along with receipts related to travel in Mexico.

Their time at Ten’s was interrupted by an urgent call from Chris, back at Cobb’s, who brought news of ‘unsavory types’ in the club – a codeword for renegade kindred, possibly even Sabbat operatives.

After a high speed ride through town, the four and Gerald returned to the club in time to see three kindred cast the Masquerade aside and go ballistic in the human portion of the club, attacking patrons and the intervening kindred alike, turning the club into a bloodbath.

The quick thinking and resolute action of the four out-of-towners resulted in the Sabbat pack leader being chased off and her two companions being beaten into near-torpor, and captured. Three humans were nearly killed, and police sirens could be heard. News was certain to get out about this…


So, all of the humans are healed up, mind-wiped, and sent home (including cops)?
Are we staying at Cobb’s tonight?
Are we securing the two Sabbat, and where? Have we fed or are we going to feed them to heal them up?

It started out pretty calm...

By the way, it is only a little after 2AM. Being the Winter, we should still have about 4 hours left before dawn. I believe with the use of Dominate, we should be able to find out where the other Sabbat ran to.

It started out pretty calm...

Let’s back up a bit, to where we left off. There are probably 20 or so people in the bar area still, including upstairs – patrons, that is. There are a total of 8 staff plus Gerald. The cops are on their way. Vic returns from his attempt to track the female Sabbat slugger. The two Sabbat you subdued are incapacitated, and in the bar area.

It’s 2:15am.

It started out pretty calm...

Wayne begins in a deep British accent, altogether new to the collective “Alright! I like your idea Arnie. Arnie and Doc, see about clearing up the memory of these mortals, so they know what to tell the cops. Chris, would you and the staff get that stuff Lyle uses to soak up oil out of the garage, and quickly lay it out on this blood to soak it up. Promptly followed by a quick sweep and dump to get this wiped up. I’d say 4 of you can do that, with the other 4 wiping off any spray that got on the other areas. Vic, would you and Gerald give me a hand getting these two slugs into a safer hiding place?” Wayne looks at Gerald “Where would that safe hiding place be?”

It started out pretty calm...

That works!

Note to the other PCs: it might strike you as a bit odd that Wayne has seemingly switched personalities. Please take that into consideration when writing your responses.

It started out pretty calm...

Wayne begins walking toward the bodies, but seems distracted. Beginning a monotone chant “Holy art Thou Lord of the Universe, Holy art Thou whom Nature hath not formed, Holy art Thou, the Vast and the Mighty One, Lord of the Light and the Darkness.” Turning to face East, he makes a symbolic gesture: Touching forehead, then touching his groin, touches his right shoulder, then touches his left shoulder and clasping hands and locking fingers.
He kneels down before the pool of blood and gore on the floor and states “By the sign of the Qabalistic Cross” he then draws a pentacle in the blood with the dead organs of the Sabbat.
Continuing to chant in monotone “Thee I invoke with Lust and Life, Thee I invoke, Disperser of Strife, To purge Thy mystics’ Inhibition, By Heart and Rood and True Volition. Guide us in Thy Wicked Ways, Bathe us in Thy Prideful Rays, Deep-dwelling Dragon, O Elder One, Twice-sexed God of the Immortal Sun. Thy Force and Vigor course my veins, O Terrible Prince of the Ethereal Planes. Dreaded and strong, Thou Hawk-headed Lord, Answer my call by the Star, Snake and Sword.”
Holding his arms up in the air, his eyes wide, he shudders as if being hit by an invisible force. He then stands up, and makes the pentacle in multiple directions before ending.
Stepping back, eyes still wide, he starts muttering “I must consider the light, I must consider the portal, I must consider the light, I must consider the portal. Great tech, GREAT TECH!”
He turns to those who are standing staring at him and shouts “MOVE! We have little time, we must move!”
Wayne gestures to Vic and Gerald to help him with the bodies. Muttering about portals, light and tech. Periodically, he will stop and say “Mmmm, mmm, yes” or “Mmmm, mmm, no”.

It started out pretty calm...

Gerald stares wide-eyed at the grotesque actions of the tweed-jacketed vampire.


It started out pretty calm...

“Zis is nossing mein freund. You should zee him vhen he really gets rolling.” The doctor followed behind the near torpor prisoners, but caught movement out of the corner of his eye.
Making his way over behind the bar, he used a mirror to spy the frightened young lady curled up underneath.
With practiced ease he softened his voice and called out to her while leaning nonchalantly against the bar. Within mere moments her hand was in his and she limped from behind the mahogany. She fell easily under his spell.
At first he thought she might be hurt, but when he realized her slight limp was quite possibly the result of a childhood bout with the palsy, he had to close his lips over his fangs.
“You are so kind sir. I knew I would never have been able to outrun that violence,” she said while staring deeply into his kindly old face.
“Frauline, I’m a doktor, I vill take zee best care of you…”

It started out pretty calm...

Gerald mumbles something, but Wayne speaks mumble. “Good idea, let’s get them to the basement!”

It started out pretty calm...

Arnie, obviously out of his element excuses himself from the room to jot a note or two and practice the key statements; what he called “closer quotes”. He rushed knowing he’d need to be outside to meet the police or they’d come in even more suspicious, but seemed distracted by the malkavian antics. “Wayne, if you don’t mind, this isn’t the atmosphere I typically work in.”

Having shelled out nearly all of his walking cash for the night he pockets a large amount of cash from the registers and/or safe, betting a bribe would probably be necessary and likely not altogether uncommon in these situations.

Arnie shoots another annoyed glance before stepping outside to greet police and give his statement.

It started out pretty calm...

“OK Arnie and Doc, you’re on deck. Time to tell the cops there is nothing to see here and to move along.”

It started out pretty calm...

Viktor looks around to everyone as he returns. He flicks a piece of flesh from his body before moving over towards the two Sabbat he dispatched of. “I take to basement. You deal with ment.” he grabbed his jacket and shirt before then grabbing the two sabbat by the collars of their shirts and dragging them each to towards the basement. Beneath the blood and gore the true nature of Viktor can be seen in ink. Old tattoos, probably from before his embrace are seen on his body. Two sixteen point stars present themselves on his shoulders. On his back is a large intricate bull, and under that three Russian letters “MIR”.

Once in the basement the large kindred looked around to find any sort of bindings he could that would keep these two subdued once they were able to heal them a bit for questioning. It was a bit difficult for him to restrain his desire to continue to harm the two, but he managed somehow.

It started out pretty calm...

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