Tucson by Night

"I want samples..."

One day after the fire, and three days ago

The man hung up the secure line and steepled his fingers, contemplating the conversation he’d just had before addressing the two operatives sitting before his desk.

“I want samples from the site of the fire, by tomorrow. I also want whatever the local police and fire inspectors might have, and I want them to lose anything of value they might have on hand, whether they realize they have it or not.”

The man and woman sitting before him both nodded. They’d leave the city within the hour, having access to charter flights and not having to worry about airport security. The right badges and ID cards made all sorts of things easier.

Tucson was a long way off – a tiny ’burg in the middle of the desert. It might also be the place where the Agency finally cracked open their decades-long investigation.



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