Tucson by Night

Good cop, bad cop

Move along, citizen!

Three police cars arrived on the scene almost simultaneously, albeit not right in front of the club due to the construction. Drawing their guns and jogging to positions around the outside, the three officers scanned the front of the building, now empty of people aside from one gentleman wearing a business suit and an annoyed expression. The front doors were closed, although light from inside the club glowed through the frosted glass.

The officers’ radios crackled, and Arnie could hear something about backup and other officers in the vicinity.

“We got a 911 call about shots fired – what’s going on?” demanded a large officer with a mustache.


What are Doc and Arnie going to tell the cops? One officer has addressed whomever is outside the club, and two others are standing back, behind and to the left and right of the first officer, looking around suspiciously.

The clock is ticking.

Good cop, bad cop

We follow Gerald to the secret exit tunnel that comes out in the parking garage of the government buildings not too far away. This way we remove the two Sabbat and ourselves from the scene. Before Gerald closes the door, I get info about a couple kindred safe-houses in Tucson.

Good cop, bad cop

Uh…there is no such tunnel. Not to Gerald’s knowledge, at least. The basement is made up of several rooms, however, and is clearly the result of multiple construction projects over many years. Finding a hiding place for the Sabbat prisoners won’t be a problem – it’s not like they make noise in their current condition.

The staff is busy cleaning up the mess on the dance floor, and made great progress before the cops arrived.

Remember that this is only a few minutes of time. The bodies are moved downstairs (one of the guys is 200+ pounds, so it’s not exactly quick work). The staff, seemingly used to dealing with odd things on a moment’s notice, hop-to on cleaning the floor.

The big problem is the police, outside.

Arnie went out there. Did the doc go, too, or is he downstairs? Wayne’s doing his occult stuff, so he’s busy inside. I’d like the locations & actions of everyone else.

Good cop, bad cop

Oh boy, here we go

Good cop, bad cop

Settled: Wayne is wandering around in the club, muttering and whatnot. Viktor is taking care of the two prisoners in the basement. Arnie is out front about to talk with the cops. Doctor Feelgood is….I’m not sure. Basement with Viktor? In the club? Or outside?

Good cop, bad cop

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